Fish restaurant - Užupio str. 30, Vilnius

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Lithuanian fresh fish restaurant

Restaurant „Šturmų švyturys” located in the unique Vilnius district Užupis is permeated with the Lithuanian seaside tradition. Here you can enjoy exclusively fresh Lithuanian fish from the Curonian Lagoon and the coast of the Baltic Sea, which comes daily to the restaurant straight from experienced fishermen.

The catch is displayed on the counter coated with ice chunks, so the visiting guests can choose by themselves, which fish available that day they would like to have prepared by inventive chefs.

“Šturmų švyturys” is a cozy restaurant meant for the city, but it is full of allusions of the Lagoon waves, wind and longing of endless waters.



Copper utensils and stoves where the food is prepared help to keep the most delicate characteristics of fish flavor. “Šturmų švyturys” is the only restaurant in Lithuania where all the dishes are cooked from not frozen, but fresh Lithuanian fish.

The fish caught during different seasons is combined only with the enhancements specific for a particular season: vegetables, fruits and herbs. This is a game of nature, creative chefs and your taste creating the intrigue, which is so hard to resist.

The chef of “Šturmų švyturys” devotes a lot of time for the search of the best combinations of the best fish dishes and wine, so the guests of the restaurant can constantly enjoy discoveries of new flavors. The restaurant fridge is filled with quality wine from Austria and Grüner Veltliner and Riesling wine from Germany brought from the special wine cellar in Vente Cape every week. Champagne lovers can appreciate rare and unforgettable champagne of an exclusive manufacturer.


Wine cellar

Wine cellar of “Šturmų švyturys” is located in the old icehouse in Vente Cape. All year round, it keeps optimal temperature of 9-10 °C suitable for wine. An exceptional collection of quality wine Riesling and Grüner Veltliner is kept in this place.

In cooperation with the very best Austrian, German and French wine makers it is constantly added with wines brought from Wachau, Kremstal, Kamptal, Mosel, Rheingau, Pfalz, and Champagne regions.



The interior of the upper dining room is intended to honor the Lagoon fishermen. Without them the legend of “Šturmų švyturys” flavors would not exist.

The details of light furniture echoes the forms of baptism typical to the Minor Lithuania, the walls are decorated with oars, marine themed paintings and portraits of fishermen. All this creates cozy environment for a chat with a gourmet dish, which is perfectly complemented with the carefully selected wine.

The lower hall of the restaurant is intended for the erudite, polyglot, astronomer, poet and painter, former mayor of Klaipeda city, later, the fishing inspector of the lagoon and its tributaries Ernestas Vilhemas Berbomas (1786-1865), also known as the father of the Curonian Lagoon weathercocks.

Thanks to him, Lithuania has the signs of fishermen villages of a unique ethno-cultural heritage or numbers of vessels - the Curonian Lagoon weathercocks that do not have equivalents in Europe. 


How to find us?

Užupio Str. 30, Vilnius    |    Tel. +370 656 98000    |    Open hours: II-VI 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm