Ventės Ragas

Hotel: +370 687 97756, | Restaurant: +370 650 90139
Everybody knows Nida, Juodkrantė, and Preila. Many have been there, gazed at the wavering shapes of the land in the distance from the other side of the lagoon, asking themselves what is beyond, where the sky blends with the water, what land is it, and what the world looks like from there.
Few know that there is Ventės Ragas. This is the place with the lonely lighthouse, built as if on the very edge of the world, and people, in whose eyes only water and sky are reflected, who ring birds so that they can observe their journey through the sky.

Ventės Ragas is one of the best places in Europe to observe migrant birds. For this reason, ornithologists both from Lithuania and abroad meet here every year.
However, it is worth crossing the lagoon not only because of the birds. This is a rare opportunity to experience true tranquillity, to see the remaining architecture of Little Lithuanian with your own eyes, to hear the language used by old local residents, and to admire the beauty of the nature, which you won’t find anywhere else. Here, you’ll be surprised to find the so-called “Little Venice”, where streets are rivers and where people greet each other when passing by in their boats and communicate sincerely and openly.